I often find myself telling stories and thrive on the connections the act of storytelling creates. I am a writer of fiction and memoir; a multi-instrumentalist: guitar, bass, piano, and voice; a composer; a songwriter; and a filmmaker, but I am a storyteller first. I use these tools to tell those stories.

My primary theme is the life lived. I don’t create art as an escape from the mundane. I explore the beauty of life lived on its own terms. I shun our cultural anticipation of time off. Monday is one seventh of your life. There is just as much beauty on Monday as any other day. In recent years, I have been struggling with cancer. I write about it all – the beautiful, the painful, the vulgarity. I will live and find beauty in the days in chemotherapy and the days free from pain. There is no waiting for life to begin. It is now.

The details of my life are expressed through my art, and I bring the audience on my journey. Through this experience, I hope to show people the beauty in their own lives regardless of their circumstances. There is hope and kindness from the beginning to the end. We just have to remain open to it. In this spirit of generosity, we find relief from the suffering of life in the connection to the infinite truth.


Larry Lines began his artistic career playing in bands in the thriving rock and punk scene of the 80’s in Houston, TX while writing short fiction for local zines literary publications. In 1989, he took his guitar and his aspirations to Berklee College of Music in Boston where he studied music performance and composition. Throughout the 90’s, he played in a series of original rock and punk bands while taking studio session gigs wherever possible. He also wrote fiction and music criticism for local (wherever local happened to be) art rags and literary magazines.

The 2000’s brought a change of pace as Larry started a family. He released his first solo album, Numen, in 2003 while living in Hong Kong and working for Shaw Brothers Studios as a programmer and recording studio designer. In 2007, Larry started his blog, a hybrid of music criticism and memoir, at larrylines.com. This blog has evolved over the years with the changes in life circumstances and continues to grow its audience.

In 2021, Larry enrolled in Berklee online to finish his bachelor’s degree. This has led to a renaissance in music composition and a rekindling of old, and some new, collaborative partnerships. He has completed two books for which he is pursuing publishing and continues to submit to literary journals.


For coming release in June of 2022, larrylines.com will be altered to include music and fiction while still adhering to the memoir blog format for which Larry Lines has come to be known.

Larry Lines said, “It has been a long time coming. There will be some short fiction initially and then music done in series. I am working on some string quartets at the moment and some improvisational music. I am excited to be putting this work together.

More information will be posted at larrylines.com as details become available.


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