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  • my life is hit by a truck part 5

    Ineffability is the concept that some things cannot or should not be expressed in words. Those things can be as high minded as God, the soul, or a mystical experience. It can be as simple as vulgar language. I am certain that the essence of my experience after the surgery is ineffable of the “can’t […]

  • my life is hit by a truck part 4

    I have a paradoxical reaction to opioids. From wikipedia: A paradoxical reaction or paradoxical effect is an effect of a chemical substance, mostly a medical drug, opposite to the effect which would normally be expected. An example of a paradoxical reaction is pain caused by a pain relief medication. Opioids don’t cause me pain as described in the example. They […]

  • my life is hit by a truck part 3

    I talk to myself a lot. I say some terrible things. In front of my kids. I don’t often hear the things that I am saying, but sometimes they let me know. Apparently my most often used line is, “Kill them.”

  • my life is hit by a truck part 2

    With the news from the CT scan behind me, the logistics of confirmation and testing and the minutia involved in all of that began. I remained in ICU as they really had no idea whether I was still bleeding internally. They wanted to keep an eye on me and continue to monitor periodic lab results […]

  • my life is hit by a truck part 1

    After a summer of travel, I was a little done with social activities. It was wonderful reconnecting with friends and family. It was just a lot. I was looking forward for some time to process everything that had happened. I went back to work. Around this time, I realized I wasn’t going to be working […]

  • what is what

    On the subject of 20/20 hindsight. There are many things I could point to now that were out of alignment leading up to the emergency on August 22, 2019. At the time, I wasn’t thinking of them as symptoms of anything but age, stress, depression, newly single over indulgence, and maybe some laziness. I was […]

  • Airplane Glue and Burning Tires

    It’s hard to have a sense of humor about kemo (my daughter’s spelling – I’m going to stick with it). Once it’s happening, there’s no turning back. A path to wellness through more sickness. Maybe… I have had problems with anxiety for as long I can remember. Racing heartbeats, stage fright, social anxiety, whatever… It’s […]

  • Surgery, Interviews, Guns…

    For the last four weeks, I have been engaged in a job search. My contract with Chevron ended when I was in the hospital (it was a six month contract). We don’t live in a socialist utopia, and I am not rich. So I have to keep working. For reasons outside of the scope of […]

  • Chemo

    I wanted to write about chemo before I actually take it. There is always the anticipation of something and the reality. The reality often obscures the anticipation fantasy. I am terrified of chemo. Our culture builds up chemo to 90’s apocalyptic horror film status. It’s hard to be alive right now and not have some […]

  • Chemo and Food

    Food is weird. There are a whole lot of experts out there that will tell you what you should be eating even when you don’t have cancer. But then you get sick, and you get a whole lot of advice. It isn’t just cancer. It’s every illness. I’ll tell you this. There isn’t a whole […]

  • Audible Dissent

    So I have colon cancer, and I’m going to write about it. I have been holding off on writing about it or giving a real update until I had all of the information. I have learned that it’s not a good idea to give any information when there are still outstanding questions because it leads […]

  • writing

    “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” — Hemingway My third semester at Berklee College of Music, I was in a Harmony/Composition class taught by a talented and accomplished composer whose name I can’t remember. He was blunt without cruelty. We always knew exactly what he […]

  • TPP 28 – D’Santi Nava

    So this another throwback interview. Our close friend and partner with NQuit Music, Aaron Trumm, is our guest host for an interview with D’Santi Nava. He did this interview back in November of 2017. Once again, life got in the way. D’Santi is a guitarist. He is proficient in many styles including rock, flamenco, classical […]

  • TPP 27 – IHA We Are Back

    It seems impossible that it’s already been 3 months since the last episode with Duke Hunter. That episode was recorded in November. So essentially we have been quiet for the last 9 months. A lot of things have happened in my personal life including a move. It’s been difficult to locate all of the gear […]

  • TPP 26 – Duke Hunter

    It has been a very long time since I put a podcast out. This one was recorded in November. Sometimes life gets in the way of my creative endeavors. Sometimes I get in the way of everything. In this case, it’s clear that I have been in the way. My maudlin self-reflection is for another […]

  • TPP 25 – Artifacts and Fear

    So I’m a couple weeks behind in editing, so you get the Thanksgiving episode now. Not really. I mean we don’t really talk about Thanksgiving at all. I just happen to mention it in the beginning of the episode.

  • TPP 24 – ZineFest – Mentors

    This is an episode of I Hate Art with Ashley O’Shenanigans. We talk about Zine Fest Houston 2017 and how much there was to see. Then we get into the I Hate Art segment where I tried to get into a discussion about mentors but nobody was into it. They wanted to talk about the late […]

  • TPP 23 – IHA Eccentrics

    In episode 23, we talk about the eccentrics. Initially inspired by the Netflix documentary about Joan Didion, we explore what’s missing from today’s social media landscape. How we, as artists, are encouraged to not be eccentric by continually being marketed the idea that we need to find our market. Maybe we don’t need to find […]

  • TPP 22 – AT Joyce Kettering

    Aaron Trumm (NQuit Music), interviews Joyce Kettering – Musician, Composer, Instrumentalist, Entrepenur. Joyce was working as a contracts compliance auditor at a Fortune 500 company in 2016 when she decided to become a lot more serious about her music. So she started recording. A lot of recording. Now she’s doing music full time.

  • TPP 21 – IHA Meanderings

    Episode 21 is an I Hate Art segment. It figures that our best episode is followed by our worst episode. There’s some stuff to laugh at. Kids screaming in the background. An old light that we tried to add to our production kit just about catches on fire. We never really caught a rhythm on […]