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  • Kiss It Off – Little Feat – 1973

    Kiss It Off MP3 Here is a completely obscure piece of 70’s rock. And in this song is every feeling or memory of the late 60’s through the 80’s that everyone who lived this version of that era would like to quietly sweep under the rug.  Or maybe anyone who lived through a period of […]

  • PDA – Interpol – 2002

    PDA MP3 On March 26 of 2003, me and my wife got in the car and started driving to St. Luke’s Hospital in the medical center in Houston.  She was in labor with our son.  Or more accurately her water broke and he was coming out one way or another.  The Interpol CD had been […]

  • The Conductor – Ume – 2009

    The Conductor MP3 I have no idea what band I saw first at the Cabaret Voltaire in Houston.  It was the early 80’s and it was likely to be something like Bark Hard, Stark Raving Mad or Blind Ignorants.  But I do remember that it was a revelation.  What an amazing thing it is to […]

  • Everybody’s Talkin – Harry Nilsson – 1969

    written by Fred Neil Everbody’s Talkin MP3 I find the hardest thing to do when writing, especially about music, is catching myself when I am trying to be cool.  It’s quite obvious to most people when someone is trying to be cool.  I don’t think that people put it like that.  It just generally comes […]

  • I Lost My Color Vision – Burning Hearts – February 2009

    I Lost My Color Vision – Burning Hearts MySpace I love music that has a sadness that burns with this kind of optimistic intensity.  But Burning Hearts does it for me. I used to walk up and down Clay Road.  Do you need a map?  I don’t know how many times I made this trip.  […]

  • Wild Is the Wind – Nina Simone – 1966

    written by Dimitri Tiomkin, Ned Washington 1957 Wild Is the Wind MP3 I hate that when I am listening to something like this, and I feel like I have to go back to look everything up.  “Who is playing the piano there?  Who is on the bass?  How did she feel about this song?  Who […]

  • Soul Meets Body – Death Cab For Cutie – 2005

    Soul Meets Body MP3 I used to sit in my room and listen to music for hours and hours.  I know this is not an uncommon story.  Teenagers sitting in their rooms listening to music and daydreaming.  It’s part of what makes music such an important part of the human condition.  There’s this really important […]

  • Deanna – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – 1988

    Deanna MP3 I’m driving a 1983 Mercury Grand Marquis.  It’s not mine.  I have a .380 under the seat and a lot of meth-amphetamines.  Those aren’t mine either I swear.  I’m driving to Houston from Lufkin and it’s a long drive.  I don’t give a single thought to the consequences of being pulled over with […]

  • Club Foot – Kasabian – 2005

    Club Foot MP3 I’m in a parking garage in downtown Houston in 1984.  I’m 14.  I’ve got a board with pitted wheels and rusted bearings.  I don’t know where I got it.  This is what we do.  Skate around town all day.  Maybe someone had a car.  Just as likely, we just skated in from […]

  • Quit Hiding – Radio 4 -2008

    Quit Hiding MP3 For everyone who ever waited in a line outside a club while people that knew the bouncer skipped the line.  For everyone who spends another minute of their precious time waiting in traffic for god knows what.  Work.  Home.  Traffic bottlenecks.  People that don’t know where they are going.  Worrying about the […]

  • Painted Word – Bettie Serveert – 2006

    Painted Word MP3 A lot of singers attempt to get a sound that evokes Billie Holiday or Janis Joplin.  The effort usually dominates the attempt.  All you can hear is a singer trying to sound like a legendary singer.  I hear hints of Billie Holiday and Janis Joplin in Carol van Dyk’s voice in Painted […]

  • The Music Makes Me Sick – It’s a Musical – 2008

    The Music Makes Me Sick MP3 I love this new definition of punk. The original definition of punk was generally a music and style that broke all of the rules. Now new stuff that sounds like old punk is stale. The fashion, the instrumentation, the concepts are all ridiculously overdone. So the new definition of […]

  • Holes in the Walls – Ponies in the Surf – 2008

    Holes in the Walls MP3 Oh boy. “There we are! In the holes in the walls.” It occurs to me that I might be happier if I just took my packaged dream and got over myself.  But there is something that tells all of us that our particular dream is original.  Even though there are […]

  • Ego Blossoms – Samara Lubelski – 2007

    Ego Blossoms MP3 I could listen to Ego Blossoms all day. The first time it happened I was in elementary school.  I was sitting in class and there was a slight tickle near the top of my skull.  Suddenly everything cut into halftime.  I was looking at the teacher.  Her voice was still making sounds […]

  • Octet – Deerhunter – 2007

    Octet MP3 Sometimes I get kind of panicked about how little of what I have wanted to do with my life I have actually done.  In that state, I can hardly take any action that gets me closer to doing the things that I want to do.  It’s sort of self perpetuating at that point, […]

  • A Better Son/Daughter – Rilo Kiley – 2002

    A Better Son/Daughter MP3 Houston, Winter 1997.  I’ve been staying at my mother’s house for a few months to get a job and an apartment in Houston.  I’m standing in the shower. The shower is one of those stand up things with no bathtub and it’s covered with rough beige one inch tiles.  I lean […]

  • Gold Lion – Yeah Yeah Yeahs – 2006

    Gold Lion MP3 I have been struggling with what is so powerful about this song for a while now.  There’s something shamanistic and incurably psychedelic about Gold Lion.  My temptation is to say something narcissistic about knowing what Karen O is trying to tell us.  Those attempts at relating to her message come out something […]

  • Baba O’Riley – The Who – 1971

    Baba O’riley MP3 My life sometime around 1981. “Out here in the fields…” I’m walking out the back door of our house in Byram Township New Jersey.  I walk straight through the neighbor’s lawn behind our shed.  I move quickly because they don’t like it when I cut through.  The bushes are overgrown.  I have […]

  • Boston Community Theater

    In Boston, when I was very active with music, which, to be honest, I wasn’t active the whole time. I used to do this community theater gig and it was really the most amazing gig I ever had. I was given complete artistic freedom and I could just come up with whatever I wanted. The […]

  • songs

    I have been messing with some new concepts with music. I wrote something last week that has this acoustic pop contrapuntal thing going on. I have more to say on the subject, but I am very tired.