Twisted Pop Podcast Episode 4 – Like it or Don’t – Johnny Bodman

Episode 0004 of the Twisted Pop Podcast. Troy and I have a discussion about things that they don’t like. Troy posed a question based on the subject of my music blog. I often talk about how music criticism, or maybe any criticism, focuses on stuff that critics hate. I made a point of only writing about music that I liked. Why waste your time writing about stuff you hate. There is no risk in talking about stuff you hate. There is risk in talking about what you love. Troy turns the tables in this discussion to ask me about something I actually hate.

Then we interview Johnny Bodman. I knew this discussion could go on forever. Johnny has lived a very interesting life, and he is an incredibly talented and prolific artist. We cover some very specific points in his life and career including the time he spent in Norway doing Death Metal album covers and show flyers. His stories are entertaining. He is a great conversationalist. It’s always a lot of fun talking to him.

I wish I had a lot more examples of Johnny’s art, but here are a few examples of his work from the upcoming Big Myth Urban Weeds series. Soon to be available on skateboard decks and t-shirts:

The only link to an album cover I could find:


A selection of Comic influences:

Links to subjects and artists mentioned in the interview.

Steal Like An Artist

Simon Bisley

Punk Art Flyers

Ray Pettibon

College of Visual Arts – St. Paul, Minnesota

Cremaster Cycle

Matthew Barney

Bernie Wrightson

Where the Wild Things Are



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