Twisted Pop Podcast Episode 5 – Criticism – Aaron Trumm

This week we have Aaron Trumm for the whole episode. In the I Hate Art segment, we talk about the most memorable critiques we’ve ever received. Good, bad, indifferent. Criticism is difficult to do well and difficult to receive even when it’s done well. But it’s part of putting yourself out there.

Then we launch into the interview with Aaron Trumm, Founder of nquit Music. Aaron is a Music Producer, Rapper, Instumentalist, Songwriter, Slam Poet, Actor, Voice Actor, etc. As a musician, he has produced many solo albums, collaborations, produced other artists and performed across the country. As a slam poet, he has performed all over the world. All of this while battling Cystic Fibrosis. In 2013, Aaron had to have a lung transplant which led to a long hiatus from all things creative, but now he’s back with new music and videos. 

We had some problems with the sound on this episode. We were recording Aaron Trumm remote. We apologize for the sporadic echoing. Growing pains.

Here are some links to things we were talking about in the episode. Also, videos of Aaron’s latest song Don’t Stop and a slam performance from 2004.

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