TPP 9 – Harvey

This I Hate Segment of the Twisted Pop Podcast is dominated by Hurricane Harvey. We really can’t think of anything else with a disaster like Harvey coming down on our hometown. It’s amazing. The most amazing storm we’ve ever seen. The spirit of Houston has emerged to clean up the mess. It really is beautiful how quickly everyone has stepped up to help each other out. Even before the storm was over.

In this segment, we talk a little about that spirit and how it affects art in our communities. It can’t be denied that very few people would choose Houston as a home for its aesthetics or its vistas. However we do have some great views from some of the taller overpasses, and sunsets will not be denied in Texas. The whole sky participates. But people do move here for the jobs. Ask almost any transplant why they came to Houston, the response will inevitably be – “Jobs.”

So how does affect the arts? We explore this and other things in this episode of the Twisted Pop Podcast.

Here’s a link to an NPR story with many links to ways that you can contribute to the Houston recovery process.

Here’s How You Can Help


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