Twisted Podcast Episode 1 – Sandia – Steven Winscott

It’s the first episode of The Twisted Podcast. We are super excited to bring you interviews with working artists living in the real world as well as experimental segments and anything of interest we can pack into an episode. The podcast is hosted by Larry Lines and Troy Winscott with other artists sitting in when available.

In this episode, we try out a segment called ‘I Hate Art’ where we discuss an emergency handbook that has been lying around the studio for as long as anyone can remember. It doesn’t go anywhere, but we have to start somewhere…

Also, we had the pleasure of having Johnny Bodman and Ashley O’Shenanigans sitting in to help us interview Steven Winscott. Steven is a Production Artist from Kansas City, MO. While spending many years biding his time and honing his craft in Kansas City, Steven always hoped that he would be able to pursue his dreams. In 2016, opportunity knocked in the form of Modern Mosaics in Houston, TX, so Steven took the leap. Steven worked for Jonathan Brown at Modern Mosaics as the Assistant Production Manager on some monumental public art installations including the Electric Waterfall in Madison, WI.

Steven has since moved on to other projects that align with his ambitions at Big Myth where he is a Production Artist. Steven’s two main projects at Big Myth: Urban Weeds – a skateboard art and clothing line to be released later this year. Two Loves Have I – a re-imagining of a 40’s comic book in the Darling Love series. Here are some links to Steven’s current projects:

It was wonderful to have Steven for our first episode of The Twisted Podcast. Listen, comment, like, share and leave a review for us on itunes.


Here are a few links to some of the influences, employers, techniques and ephemera that Steven mentions in his interview:

Working for the man:

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