TPP 7 – Yellowism Movements Reefer Gulliver

We are splitting the format of the podcast. When we first started the podcast, an hour seemed like an incredibly long time. So we created two segments that we planned on being in each episode. A short introduction, a segment where we discussed random news and issues called I Hate Art, and an interview segment where we talked with a guest. It turns out that we have a lot to say and the guests had a lot to say. The podcasts are too long. So we are splitting the segments. We enjoyed the I Hate Art segments too much to just cut them, and the whole purpose of the show was to interview people.

So this is the first I Hate Art episode. We discuss the Yellowism movement. Then we get into what a new movement would look like today. Then we talk about some public domain movies that we have been watching. Larry watched Reefer Madness and Troy watched Gulliver’s Travels.

Usually I do a lot more linking and searching for supporting information. I still plan on doing that in the future, but I also have an additional preparation feature to get used to. We have video for this episode for the first time. So I had to get an editing workflow down. It is done. That is all.

I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for listening. And now thank you for watching.



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