TPP 10 – Rebecca Oxley

This week we (Larry Lines, Troy Winscott, Ashley O’Shenanigans) have a conversation with the poet, Rebecca Oxley. We’ve known Rebecca an awfully long time. We talk about how she got into poetry, her time in the Air Force, the Houston poetry scene, early slam poetry, University of Houston and the transition into a more complete poet. 

Since those debaucherous days in the 90’s, Rebecca has developed a very mature voice that includes the raw power of her original style and adds a thoughtfulness and wisdom that comes with age and study. She is dedicated to the Houston poetry community and is involved in readings and events around Houston.

From the May, 2017 Poison Pen Reading Series:

Rebecca Oxley is a poet and veteran living in Houston, Texas. She attended the University of Houston where she majored in Creative Writing. In 1999, under the name R. Danelly Johnson, she won the Howard Moss Undergraduate Poetry award. She has been published in The Texas Review and in several other journals. Her poem, Oblations, was recently featured in the Invisible Lines production, The Human Zoo, and she was a juried poet at the 2016 Houston Poetry Fest.

We had a really good time with Rebecca and hope to have her back for other conversations. We really hope you enjoy it.


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