TPP 11 – Why I Hate Art

I like to talk about art and its meaning in life. Is it consequential? I even like to argue about what is good and why. It’s just fun and it touches something in me. I could say that I find ways to create because I like talking about stuff like this.

I have also found over the years that there are many people that dislike conversations like this. Artists and  non-artists alike. Lending meaning where it may or may not exist or trying to articulate abstract ideas to other people with words can be absurd to some. I agree. It is absurd, but I still like to talk about it. 

So when we started doing this podcast, we had this stupid song that a young kid made up about hating art and sang to his art teacher – a friend of ours. I hate art. I thought about how funny it would be to call a segment of this podcast, I Hate Art. That way we’re talking about art and we’re inviting people to the conversation at the same time. We know we’re full of shit. Come talk to us anyway.

And we have begun to branch out in the people we’re talking to. Listen in to get an idea of what we’re trying to do with this podcast.

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