TPP 12 – Rick Hale

Episode 12 is an interview Rick Hale. Rick is a musician, recording artist, producer, pianist, music teacher, family man. Rick has also been nominated for a grammy. Rick Seems to have found a way to do it all. He seems to have had many iterations as well. It’s a really great story and he’s really positive.

Also, a first for the Twisted Pop Podcast, the interviewer is none other than Aaron J Trumm (Episode 5). Twisted Pop was originally meant to be a consortium of artists from all discipline – visual, music, writers, etc. The website was intended to be a place of  collaboration. The website was successful in the beginning and resulted in some collaboration, but more often than not, the website just served as a place to facilitate discussion and argument. 

We talk about this a little before we introduce Aaron and Rick. Here is a link to Rick Hale’s website for more information: Rick Hale Productions

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