TPP 13 – What Is Art

TPP 13 is an I Hate Art segment where we talk about what makes something art. I wish the topic were as focused as that. Or maybe I don’t. It’s kind of mayhem in here. I like the passion. I like the age disparity. Our guests Iggy Lines and Ashley O’Shenanigans join us to hash out this age old topic. I believe we could do this question over and over with different guests and have a different conversation every time. I hope it’s as fun to listen to as it was to record.

One of the things I love about this episode is how the perspective changes several times in the conversation. Also that there is a change in the opinions of each of the participants. It was really hard to edit in the end. There was so much that had to be cut out completely and so much context switching. This chaos is kind of what I was hoping for, but I’m not sure if anyone else will enjoy it.

Somewhere in there I start trying to remember the name of Charles Bukowski. I didn’t have to look it up to write it. Sometimes names just blank on me. Then they come back when I’m not thinking about it.

Note for Vimeo and YouTube Viewers: We had a camera on Ashley, but we lost all of the footage. I was experimenting with cheap camera phones and fortunately there was another camera that got her for half of the episode.

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