TPP 14 – Mark Thogersen

This week we interviewed Mark Thogersen. Maybe that’s a pretty strong description of what happened. The word interview suggests that we asked him questions or at least directed the conversation. I don’t think we actually asked Mark any more than three or four questions. We just sat down and started rolling and he told us about his journey.

In the 90’s, Mark was an artist. After a few years of incredible art, some of which is displayed below, Mark simply lost the inspiration. To this day, he can make no art. But this loss of inspiration started a journey of philosophy and life as art. It’s a fascinating story. One that I thoroughly enjoyed listening to. I hope you do too.

Mark  left us with a quote when he sent us some slides of his art:

“One thing is needful. – To ‘give style’ to one’s character – a great and rare art! It is practiced by those who survey all the strengths and weaknesses that their nature has to offer and then fit them into an artistic plan until each appears as art and reason and even weaknesses delight the eye.”
Nietzsche, Friedrich. “Book Four: St. Januarius, Section 290.” The Gay Science. Ed. Williams, Bernard. Trans. Josefine Nauckhoff (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2008). p. 163.

And here is the art. Amazing stuff:

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