TPP 17 – Lies Lies Lies

This week’s I Hate Art segment of the Twisted Pop Podcast, we talk about the lies we tell ourselves. Maybe everyone does this, but we’re talking specifically about what we do as artists. In the 9 to 5, talking my way through my day. I am satisfied because I am doing a good job, but this isn’t a profession I chose. It’s the profession that made the most money. And frankly, most people end up in a 9 to 5 that chose them, so cry me a river.

Artists tell themselves particular lies particular to the vocation. This piece is significant. My efforts will amount to something. This will all mean something when I’m dead. If I do a particular niche of something that resembles art, then I’ll be more satisfied than in my completely unrelated job. As a cellist for a city symphony once told me when I asked what his job was like, “You know, everything becomes another gig.”

It’s a pretty dark concept, but we have a little bit of fun with it. Ashley sits in on this one and of course, we have Larry Lines and Troy Winscott.

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