TPP 19 – IHA Whose Vision

In this episode, we talk about following someone else’s vision versus following your own versus working with a team. It’s a dense subject. We could probably spend a whole lot of time defining each of these ideas first.

Episodes on:

  1. What is artistic vision?
  2. What does it mean to be a follower versus a leader?
  3. How should you go about implementing an artistic, or any, vision?
  4. Team vision?

We didn’t know it was that deep of a subject before we started. I think it’s a great discussion. So much of what we do and how we define ourselves is based on visions that might have developed when we were children when we first inspired by anything. But maybe sometimes we have to let those visions go. Eventually we’ll have to anyway.

Once again, it was interesting to us, it was fun to do, and I hope you enjoy it.

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4 responses to “TPP 19 – IHA Whose Vision”

  1. 37:34 – my label is called NQuit Music – as you know – it’s short for Never Never Quit – as you know! But there are MANY MANY times when I regret that name. I should have called it anything is possible or something. Because not quitting is not enough – just banging your head against a wall five feet to the left of a door is dumb and you should stop. You need persistence, of course, to do anything, but being ONLY about persistence is very very stupid.

    Probably 18 years ago I read an article on the power of quitting and I’ve sort of had questions about my “never quit” ethos ever since. It’s one thing not to quit, but it’s actually a very different thing to achieve a result.

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