TPP 22 – AT Joyce Kettering

Aaron Trumm (NQuit Music), interviews Joyce Kettering – Musician, Composer, Instrumentalist, Entrepenur. Joyce was working as a contracts compliance auditor at a Fortune 500 company in 2016 when she decided to become a lot more serious about her music. So she started recording. A lot of recording. Now she’s doing music full time.

There is a lot more information about Joyce Kettering on her website Mad Lass Music. Joyce is primarily focused on licensing music for soundtracks in movies and television. She has a lot of samples of her work on her website as well as links to buy the rights to use her music. She does custom work as well.

During the interview, Joyce hits on a subject that gets her some mixed reactions. She has a philosophy of quantity over quality. Honestly, if she isn’t focused on quality in her work, I can’t tell. It all sounds amazing to me. 

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