TPP 25 – Artifacts and Fear

So I’m a couple weeks behind in editing, so you get the Thanksgiving episode now. Not really. I mean we don’t really talk about Thanksgiving at all. I just happen to mention it in the beginning of the episode.

In this episode, we talk about artifacts – the deliverables of an artist. There is so much water under the bridge before you see that painting that really resonates with you on a wall. So many scrapped versions of chapters in that novel. So many versions of that bridge in that song. And that’s just the piece that made it to the end. What about the years of sketching. Pieces of stories and songs. Garbage bins. Songs and riffs forgotten.

Then we talk about fear after a quote from the War of Art. My motto lately is: “If it doesn’t cause you anxiety, it isn’t worth doing.” The relationship between anxiety and excitement. It gets deep in there.

The conversation meanders. Perhaps not our best, but definitely not our worst. We are obviously way more comfortable with being recorded in this episode, because this conversation is more of how our conversations normally go. A stream of obscenities mixed with sincere thoughts on a variety of subjects.

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